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July 15, 2009

Look, over there! Our move is complete

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I’m now fully installed at this blog’s new home:

Sheila’s Guide To The Good Stuff

Please shift your email and RSS subscriptions to the new URL, where the fun will continue as we explore the social Web.

There will be no further content posted here.  Thanks!


July 11, 2009

The end is near! Moving the blog to a new home

Moving Day (courtesy cwwycoff1 at Flickr CC)I wanted to let all of my readers know that I’ve decided to move this blog from the free domain name to what is known as a “self-hosted” WordPress blog (meaning I pay for blog hosting, in this case on Bluehost, but still using WordPress blog publishing software.)

My thoughts on understanding the social Web, especially with regards to tourism and travel, will appear very soon at a new URL and domain name, Sheila’s Guide To The Good Stuff.

The free setup is wonderful and met a lot of my requirements, but I need more control and customization options so I decided to move the blog before it got any further along in growth, development and Google juice.  I learned when we moved my BootsnAll Family Travel blog that rebuilding search engine authority takes time and lots of link-gathering, so I need to get going.

I’m learning a lot of good geeky stuff during the transfer process (with the help of my WordPress guru Jennifer Navarrete) and those insights will be valuable to my tourism clients in the near future when I launch a new paid membership and learning site, Tourism Currents, with Small Biz Survival’s Becky McCray.

I’m worried that I’ll lose my RSS and email subscribers amongst the cardboard boxes and packing tape, so you folks keep a lookout for the “We’ve Moved Now!” post that I’ll probably be putting up on here either Monday or Tuesday, July 13 or 14.

This blog will remain in place, but it won’t be updated any more once I move.

Thanks for your patience!

April 26, 2009

What’s in it for me?

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Wistful Thinking (courtesy qbird! at Flickr CC)When should you continue to be part of a team, and when should you strike out on your own?

At what point do you start to question whether your individual efforts for the benefit of a team are not worth the benefit to you, personally?

When should you take a gimlet-eyed view of your output vs input and ask, “What’s in it for me?”

Confidence in your own talents and abilities is critical.

When you’re less confident in your abilities, you’ll do anything for a team because you figure it’s not possible to make it on your own.  It’s learning time.

As you gain confidence, it’s normal to begin (even almost unconsciously) measuring the value of what you’re providing and comparing it to the value of what your team brings to you.

I am at that point.

I’m not sure that I like being here.

I’m thinking about it.

I’m grateful for mentors and friends like Liz and Becky and events like SOBCon, so I don’t have to think alone.

September 17, 2008

I guide you to the good stuff, online and off

I’ve blogged (and still blog) for lots of other sites, using several different platforms and themes, but ironically, I’ve never started a blog of my own from the ground up.

Today, it’s time to do that.

I want a space to write about the topics that I don’t already cover in my family travel, cultural travel, motorsports or on other Web 2.0/social media sites.

I want to write about helping people find “the good stuff.”  I’m your guide to quality information, destinations and thoughts, wherever I find them.  If I’m going to be a know-it-all, I might as well be a helpful one. 🙂

Thanks for listening.

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